The band is planning to go on _______ in Europe and Asia next year – 2023

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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.OWNING A PETThe joys and tribulations of being a pet owner! During our lifetime most of us have some experience of either owning a pet or being in (26) _______ contact with someone who does. Is there such a thing as “the ideal pet”? If so what characterizes the ideal pet? Various (27) _______ influence one’s choice of pet, from your reasons for getting a pet to your lifestyle. For example, although quite a few pets are relatively cheap to buy, the cost of (28) _______ can be considerable. Everything must be (29) _______ into account, from food and bedding, to vaccinations and veterinary bills. You must be prepared to (30) _______ time on your pet, which involves shopping for it, cleaning and feeding it. Pets can be demanding and a big responsibility. Are you prepared to exercise and (31) _______ an animal or do you prefer a more independent pet? How much spare room do you have? Is it right to lock an energetic animal into a (32) _______ space? Do you live near a busy road which may threaten the life of your pet? Pets (33) _______ as turtles and goldfish can be cheap and convenient, but if you prefer affectionate pets, a friendly cat or dog would be more (34) _______. People get pets for a number of reasons, for company, security or to teach responsibility to children. Pets can be affectionate and loyal and an excellent source of company as long as you know what pet (35) _______ you and your lifestyle.Điền vào ô 27

A. factors             

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B. facets                         

C. points                        

D. elements

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Đáp án : A Factor = yếu tố. Facet = khía cạnh. Point = điểm. Element = thành phần, nhân tố

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